Eastern Shore Fan Con
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AMV Contest!

This year during Eastern Shore Fan Con, we will hold our 4th annual AMV [Animation Music Video] contest!! For those who are unfamiliar, an AMV is a music video consisting of clips from one or more animation set to an audio track [often songs or movie / show trailer audio]; the term usually refers to fan-made unofficial videos.

The rules are simple:
- You must create the video yourself; don't download videos from YouTube or any other site and claim as your own.
- The video should not exceed 5 minutes. - When you're finished making your AMV, you can either bring it on a flash drive or email Da'Vone Freeman at davone.m.freeman@gmail.com.
- You may only submit 1 AMV unless there is very little competition in which you can submit no more than 3.
- You should try to avoid video gameplay footage. Video game cutscenes and action sequences will be allowed.
- If your AMV's music contains explict lyrics, please mark as "EXPLICT" or better yet use clean lyrics instead. Please be considerate of the children who also attend the con.
- You MUST be present at the con to sucessfully enter the AMV contest.

Thank you!

AMV Contest

Eastern Shore Fan Con